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Add-on Cards & Peripherals

At flykantech.com, we take pride in offering a range of RS232 series products, including USB232A-B, USB232A-E, 4XRS232 (4-port USB to serial converters), and more. Setting ourselves apart from lower-end market products, flykantech.com is committed to independent research and development, striving to create specialized products that meet the needs of modern users. Our RS232 series products boast stable and reliable performance, suitable for various application scenarios, providing users with convenient and efficient data transmission solutions.

Additionally, we also provide products related to RS485, such as USB485A-B, USB485A-E, and others. The RS485 product series, in line with flykantech.com's consistent R&D philosophy, offers outstanding performance and reliability, catering to the diverse needs of users. Whether in industrial control, automation equipment, or data communication fields, flykantech.com can provide you with the ideal solutions.

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